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FAQ 2020/21 

FAQ for Fall 2020 Lessons

What type of lessons will Music 101 be offering in the fall?

After much consideration, and with the current state of information available to MA businesses at this time, Music 101 has made the decision to offer virtual classes or a hybrid in-person option.  Virtual students will learn remotely on a weekly basis.  Hybrid students will attend two lessons at the studio and two lessons virtually from home each month.

What do virtual lessons look like?

We have worked extensively over the past months to ensure our virtual lessons uphold the same standards as our in person classes.  A student will register through our website indicating his/her preference for virtual study on the necessary forms.  We will then guide a student through the scheduling process as well as in purchasing the required materials.  All lessons are conducted over Zoom.  This year, every student will be assigned a meeting ID and password when schedules are confirmed.  Music 101 will continue with regular hours and can easily be reached to help with any questions by email, phone, or in person while the hybrid schedule is offered.

What if I sign up for a hybrid schedule and Music 101 shifts to a virtual schedule?

Music 101 will continue to change policy as needed to ensure the safety of our students, families, and staff.  This may mean moving back to an entirely virtual schedule at some point during the academic year.  Because we will have the necessary tools in place, the shift would be seamless.  A hybrid student may then choose to continue virtually or complete the current month he/she is enrolled in and put lessons on hold until a return to in-studio is possible.

What if I enroll in hybrid lessons but Music 101 is only able to begin the academic year with virtual classes?

If classes have not begun, and Music 101 has to make the decision to continue with strictly remote classes, each hybrid student would be given the choice to begin the school year with virtual classes or request a refund of registration and first month tuition.

What safety practices will you be taking at the school?

The safety of our students and faculty is our primary concern.  Please follow the link to read our safety guideline policies:  

COVID-19 Guidelines & Waiver

Will I be able to change my lesson format during the school year?

Yes!  We ask that students commit to one format each month but a request can always be made to switch between virtual and hybrid throughout the year.  

What if I don’t care for the remote learning model?

Because our program is a monthly commitment, you may choose to end remote lessons at any time.  We ask that you follow our two week termination policy clearly outlined in our studio policy.

Will I be able to make up missed lessons?

Music 101 will continue to follow the same policies and procedures outlined in our registration packet for both virtual and in person lessons.  Although it is not always possible to schedule make-up classes, one credit per session for a missed lesson with advanced notice will continue to be offered.

Can I switch my in-person and virtual lesson weeks?

In order to maintain proper social distancing, it will not be possible to switch in-person and virtual weeks.  A student may, however, choose to attend virtually for any reason a week he/she is scheduled to be at the studio.

What happens if Music 101 reopens in the future?

If we are able to move back to an in-person schedule in the future, students will continue to have the choice of attending lessons at the studio or studying remotely.

When will voice lessons be offered in person?

All vocal studies will remain virtual until clear guidance from choral guilds and health organizations allow for in-person options to resume.

Can I sit in on lessons with my student?

We ask that you do not sit in on lessons at this time in order to maintain the proper social distancing in our practice rooms.  You are always welcome to sit in classes on remote weeks.  A guardian also may request to occasionally view an in-studio lesson over Zoom.

How do I communicate with my child’s instructor?

Parent and caregiver interaction with lessons is extremely important for the success of students, particularly the young student.  We welcome parents to check in with us on remote weeks at the beginning of a lesson to discuss lesson progress and practice strategies.  Because teacher contact with families will be more limited at the studio this year, we also will be providing a monthly progress report to be emailed home with helpful  information for students and caregivers.

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