Music 101 2017/18 academic year

Music 101 faculty member

vocalist Alicia DePaolo hosted

March's Performance Class Plus

accompanied by Michael Gold

Thank you to our instructors and students for all your hard work and participation!

Performance Class Plus will return in the next academic year.

Music 101 faculty member

pianist Michael Gold hosted

October's Performance Class Plus

Performance Class Plus:
Our popular Performance Classes now offer even more!​

Watch a master performer at work and improve your own performing and musicianship! Performing on stage is a skill that takes frequent practice to master. Each class opens with a performance and presentation by a faculty member.  Students are then invited to play informally for a small group of supportive peers and teachers.  Starting this season, students will also practice essential musical skills such as rhythm, note-reading, ear-training, and improvisation at our interactive stations following the performance portion.