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enrichment program

At Music 101, we work hard to give our students the most well-rounded music education possible. In their lessons, our students learn the skills required to play an instrument and understand the music they play. However, what truly inspires a person to love and explore music for a lifetime is constantly hearing great performances and discovering new things about our wonderful art form. Our listening-based enrichment program encourages our students to take their music education beyond the walls of the studio by exploring music on the internet and in our community. Every month, you will receive our “Lifelong Listeners” e-newsletter featuring: local live concerts to attend, online videos to listen to, music-related links, games, articles, and studio news. By exploring this newsletter, students can earn listener points redeemable for great prizes and awards! We hope that this newsletter is a fun, inspiring, and interesting way for your family to grow an even deeper love of music. 

How to Earn Listener Points

Listen, Learn, and Earn! Earning Listener points is easy and fun! Here is how it works: :

 1) Visit our Listening Center to view current and past listening themes. 

2) Download the listener worksheets from our website or pick up copies at the studio. 

​ 3) Earn points by doing any of the following:
a. Go to a concert! Turn in your program for 10 points. Turn in
Listener Worksheet #1
​ or Listener Worksheet #2 about something you heard for 10 additional points.

b. Listen to a video in the “Listen Online” section. Turn in Listener Worksheet # 1 or
Listener Worksheet #2
for 10 points.

c. Learn about Musicians! Click on a link in the “Composers & Artists” section.
  Turn in Listener Worksheet #3 for 10 points.

d. Learn about Music! Click on a link in the “Other Links” section. 
​ Turn in Listener Worksheet #4 for 10 points.

​ e. Learn on your Own!  Research a musical topic of interest.
  Turn in Listener Worksheet #5 for 10 points.

4) Turn completed worksheets in to your teacher. 

5) You may earn up to 100 points per month. 

Awards: Students will get completed worksheets back and achievements will be recognized at the annual recital. 

Still have questions about the enrichment program? Email Jenny at