Performing in front of an audience increases self-esteem and develops the important skills of self-presentation.  

Students will make new friends and, most importantly, have fun!

Upcoming Performances:

Music 101 Annual Recital
Every June, Music 101 hosts 5 individual recitals for students to choose 1 to attend. 
All levels of students are invited to participate.
The recital showcases your student's achievements in an encouraging environment of family and friends. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be offering a new time on Saturday and Sunday, 
12:30 P.M.   in place of the 1:00 P.M. recital we have previously held.

Past Performances:​​
Over the years, we invite our musicians to perform at local events, such as the 
Four Corners Music Festival, Victorian Fair, and Home for the Holidays!