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use worksheets #1 and #2


use with worksheet #3

George Gershwin

Franz Liszt

Francois Schubert

Antonio Vivaldi

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​Bee and Bird Sounds

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use with worksheet #5


Summer, Movement 2

Antonio Vivaldi

Performers: Nigel Kennedy (solo violin)

with the Polish Chamber Orchestra

​​​​You might recognize this song. It is the most popular song from an Opera called Porgy and Bess, and it has been performed many times over the years by jazz artists. Notice the very slow pace of this song and the jazzy sounds. This slow pace reminds us of lazy summer days and also moving slowly in the hot, sticky summer weather. ​ 

(Use worksheet 1 & worksheet 2)

​​While it is true that summer usually has many calm, sunny days, summertime is often when we experience sudden and sometimes violent thunderstorms.  Franz Liszt captured the sounds you might hear during one of these storms very well using loud, crashing dynamics and a fast tempo.  (Use worksheet 1 & worksheet 2)

Orage (Storm)
Composer: Franz Liszt

Performer: Jürg Hanselmann

The Bee
Composer: Francois (Franz) Schubert Performers: Pavlo Kosenko

​​Welcome to our Lifelong Listening Center! 

To celebrate the upcoming summer season, our final listening theme for the school year explores how different composers put the sounds and feelings of the summer into their music. Final listening points for awards must be turned in by June 1st.

However, you can have fun catching up on all of the videos you missed any time!

Visit our Archived Newsletters HERE!

Summertime from Porgy and Bess
Composer: George Gershwin

Performers: Harolyn Blackwell and

the London Philharmonic

In the past, we have explored other music from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. You might remember that these pieces are each based on a poem. The poem for this piece speaks about someone trying to take a nap in the summer and getting constantly interrupted by the fear of a thunderstorm and annoying gnats and flies. Listen carefully to see if you can hear the napping person waking up and swatting at the annoying insects. It’s really very funny if you picture it while listening!  

(Use worksheet 1worksheet 2)

Speaking of insects, bees are another one we often see during the summer. This piece was originally written for violin but works very well on the guitar also. Listen for the very fast notes which represent the buzzing of a bee’s wings.  

(Use worksheet 1 & worksheet 2)