Format: Live Recital/ Virtual Audience

  Date:  Friday,  June 18, 2021   

  Time:  7:00PM
  Tanya Pellecchia           Kendra Comstock
  Stephen Sikorski           Andrew King
  Brian Church                 Ha-eun Ryu 
  Galen Willett 

  Format:  Virtual

  Date:  Sunday,  June 13, 2021   

  Time:  4:00PM
  Tanya Pellecchia           Kendra Comstock
  Stephen Sikorski           Andrew King


  Format:  Live Recital/ Virtual Audience 

  Date:  Saturday,  June 19, 2021   

  Time:  1:00PM 

  Tanya Pellecchia           Matthew Holehan
  Stephen Sikorski           Andrew King
  Brian Church                 Vinh Pham   


Before submitting a form, please read thoroughly our Recital Announcement.


  • Two recital formats are available for students this year, a pre-recorded zoom performance as well as a live opportunity streamed for families and friends.  You will find more information in our Recital Announcement.  Please choose a date based on your desired recital format.  We have also included our teacher availability if you would like to participate at the recital your teacher is attending.  Please know there will be instructors present to support any student who is unable to register for their teacher's recital.

  • Students will be assigned to a date and time on a first come, first served basis.  Because we must limit the number of students in a given recital, it may not always be possible to accommodate everyone’s first choice.  Please return the attached form, along with your payment, by April 15, 2021. 

Recital Participation Fees

Registration Instructions

Registration is due
​April 15, 2021

Before submitting a form, please read thoroughly our Recital Announcement.

Please submit 1 form per family.  

​Note, if a family plans on participating in more than one recital format, the fee will be calculated by the number of recitals the students perform in.



Friday, June 18, 7:00PM

Saturday, June 19, 1:00PM 

Roosevelt Elementary School,

253 Vinton Street, Melrose, MA.  Entrance and parking is located behind the school on Brunswick Park.


Please send your recital fee at your earliest convenience.  Students will not be scheduled until a payment is received.    

Music 101 accepts payments by personal check or cash only.


Teacher Recital Schedule

Welcome Students & Families to Music 101's 20th Annual Recital! 
We encourage all students to participate!  

  Format:  Virtual

  Date:  Sunday, June 13, 2021   

  Time:  1:00PM
  Tanya Pellecchia             Alicia DePaolo
  Stephen Sikorski             Galen Willett
  Matthew Holehan           Andrew King

Online Recital Registration Form

Recital FormatNo. of Students     Recital Fee              
1 Virtual1 +$25.00
1 In-Person$50.00
1 In-Person2 +$75.00
1 Virtual   &    1 In-Person1 +$75.00

New message January 16, 2021:  Please visit our COVID-19 information page for the latest updates.

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