March 16, 2019

Time: 3:00 P.M. 

​Price:  $15.00 

per student

Music 101 faculty member

pianist Michael Gold hosted

October 2018 Performance Class Plus

Music 101 2018/19 academic year


Music 101 faculty member

vocalist Alicia DePaolo hosted

March 2018 Performance Class Plus

accompanied by Michael Gold


Past Performance Classes 

March Performance Class: 
Pianist Andrew King 

Watch a master performer at work and improve your own performing and musicianship!  Performing on stage is a skill that takes frequent practice to master.  

In this Performance Class you will learn about music by Robert Schumann through a live interpretation from instructor Andrew King, as well as through engaging activities.  Then brush up your own performing skills in front of a small and friendly audience.

Class is located at the Music 101 Performance Space:
​14 Essex Street, Melrose