​​Music 101 offers the following programs:

Instrument Recommendations
All students enrolled in piano, guitar, violin, bass, and/or ukulele students will require an instrument at home to practice their weekly assignments. Music 101 currently does not rent or sell instruments.  Please keep the following recommendations in mind when acquiring an instrument:

When shopping for a keyboard or digital piano, we recommend a standard full size keyboard or one with at least 60 weighted keys to begin lessons with.  Additional accessories to consider are a keyboard stand, piano bench, damper pedal, and music stand.  As a student progresses, access to a metronome will be necessary.  

When considering guitars, it is important to choose one that is a comfortable size for the student.  Guitars range in size from 1/4 size to full.  If you are unsure of what size is needed, it may be helpful to shop at a store that will measure the student and fit them to the appropriate instrument.  We teach both electric and acoustic guitar.  Electric guitars require an amp for practice.  Please note, we do not recommend the use of toy guitars. 


Violins, like guitars, range in size and it is important that a student is fit to their instrument correctly, we recommend visiting 
Johnson String Instrument for purchases and rentals.  Don't forget to ask for a shoulder sponge or shoulder rest!     

We recommend choosing a soprano or concert size ukulele.  Please note, we do not instruct using toy ukuleles.

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